Samsung Galaxy Buds sold out with Galaxy S10, S10 Plus preorders

There's still a good incentive to preorder, though.

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Joshua Goldman

If you were hoping to score a free pair of Samsung's totally wireless Galaxy Buds with the preorder of a Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus, you're out of luck. Sort of. 

The ordering page on Samsung's site says that due to high interest, Samsung sold out of the its supply of Galaxy Buds dedicated to the promotion. However, your preorder will now get you a $130 certificate that will cover the cost of the wireless ear buds that can be charged simply by setting them on the back of the S10

Watch this: Samsung Galaxy Buds charge right off the back of the S10

The one potential downside is they seemingly can't be ordered until they start shipping on March 8, which means you'll likely have to wait a bit to get them after you receive your S10. The promotion details also say the certificate can be redeemed for other select products on Samsung.com or the Shop Samsung app, so you can always use the credit toward something else. 

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