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Samsung Galaxy Beam vs Batman in projector battery brawl

Can the Samsung Galaxy Beam project the entirety of The Dark Knight without suffering a battery breakdown?

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What's the first question we ask of any new gadget? It's "how quickly could I be watching Batman using this?" of course. The Galaxy Beam wants to be your best friend when it comes to watching movies and TV shows, packing a miniature projector that turns your bedroom ceiling into a lie-down cinema.

Powering that projector takes its toll on the Beam's battery life -- but how drastic is the drain? And can Samsung's quirky toy manage to project all 152 minutes of Christopher Nolan's moody Batman sequel The Dark Knight?

That's what I wanted to know, so I set about the arduous, emotionally crippling task of hiding in a dark room and watching Batman for a while. Is the Beam the hero your pockets deserve, or a two-faced pretender to the smart phone throne? The results were surprising -- hit play on the video above to check it out for yourself.

My colleague Natasha has already given the Galaxy Beam the full review treatment, so for more on this oddity of a smart phone be sure to examine our in-depth testing. The projector does a half-decent job in terms of picture quality, though as the video above reveals, you will require a dark room.

While we're pitting Bat against battery, it's worth noting that Samsung bundles two Beam batteries in the box, so a spare can be kept close at hand, should you find yourself out of juice.

There are downsides to buying the Beam. It's very expensive, and runs an old version of Android. If you're thinking of splashing out, you'd best be sure that the projector will be worth all those pennies.

A word of advice to potential buyers -- if you do decide to watch an entire film using the projector, choose one that wasn't shot almost entirely in the dark.

Are you intrigued? Does Superman need to hold his breath in space? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.