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Samsung Galaxy Altius watch interface leaked in screenshots

Samsung could be working on a smart watch at the same time as Apple, if leaked screenshots are to be believed.

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Richard Trenholm
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It's not just Apple building a wristwatch -- Samsung could be working on a watch too. The company behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 wants to put the power of Galaxy phones and tablets on your wrist.

Screenshots have emerged on Korean site Ruliweb of a scrunched-up square interface that suggests the face of a watch. With Apple and Intel rumoured to have 100 designers working on the project nicknamed iWatch, could Samsung be following suit?

The leaked screenshots purport to come from a device codenamed Project Altius, although that name has previously been attached to the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4. Perhaps the watch is an accessory for the S4, in the same way the Galaxy Note 2 comes with an S Pen stylus?

Assuming they're actually real, the screenshots show Windows Phone-style tiles for a music app, an email app and what looks like a map icon. Something resembling a scroll bar at the bottom presumably allows you to swipe across to other icons, while a Wi-Fi icon at the top suggests a data connection.

Oh, and it tells the time too.

Watches that talk to your phone, saving you the bother of fetching your blower from your pocket, have been talked about for a while. But recently we've seen some decent attempts to fulfil your Dick Tracy-inspired chronometer cravings, such as the Kickstarter-funded Pebble E-ink watch

Do you think the Samsung smart watch is real? Would you wear a high-tech timepiece? Is a phone watch just a gimmick, or can Samsung make it work? Watch your language in the comments, or on our wristy Facebook page.

Image credit: Ruliweb