Samsung Galaxy Ace Hugo Boss edition suits up

Samsung has teamed up with fancy suitsmith Hugo Boss to release a revamped version of its Galaxy Ace Android phone.

Smart phones never look so good as when they're nestled in the pockets of a fancy suit, of the kind worn by the wealth-ridden business elite. So it's a good thing Samsung has seen fit to construct a Hugo Boss-themed version of its hugely popular Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Update: Samsung has told us that there are no plans to release this phone in the UK.

The differences between this edition and the original Ace are mostly cosmetic -- you now get a tasteful matte black coating across the phone, as well as a houndstooth pattern across the back and on the central 'home' button.

Labelheads breathe a sigh of relief -- you also get a massive 'Hugo Boss' label just above the screen.

This bespoke blower will emerge from its packaging running Android Gingerbread 2.3.3. That's no longer the most recent version of Android since the Galaxy Nexus launched last week with Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, but we'll let that slide because this is a mid-range Android mobile.

The Hugo Boss edition also comes with Hugo Boss wallpapers, what seems to be a few pre-loaded music tracks, and a subscription to Yacht Fancy. We may have made that last one up.

This isn't Samsung's first Hugo Boss blower -- it made a similarly themed version of the Samsung F480.

The bad news is this sharply tailored phone has only been confirmed for France. We wouldn't be surprised if it came to the UK before too long though, so stay tuned.

We don't know about pricing either, but GSMArena reckons it's spotted the phone on a Hugo Boss site listed at €280, which translates to about £240.

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