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Samsung Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Suit pictures leaked

Leaked pictures have popped up of two new Samsung Galaxy phones: the Galaxy Ace and oddly named Galaxy Suit.

Leaked pictures have popped up of two new Samsung Galaxy phones. Eurodroid reports that the Galaxy Ace and the Galaxy Suit run Android 2.2 and are set to be unveiled next month.

The Ace up Samsung's sleeve is the first smart phone to be named after a Doctor Who companion from the 1980s. Other Who-related names were discounted: one prototype was called the Adric, but it was really annoying and ended up crashing.

The Ace (shown above, on the left) is a device of many names. When other photos of it leaked last week, it was suggested the phone was called the Samsung Galaxy S Mini, and it's also been linked to the official-sounding moniker of Samsung S5830.

Samsung S5670 is the number assigned to the phone reported to be called the Suit (pictured above, to the right). That's surely a terrible name -- and, believe us, we know a thing or two about coming up with terrible names. Still, at least 'Suit' suggests serious business -- after all, when you're wearing a suit on the outside, you're also wearing a suit on the inside.

Specs are unconfirmed, but the usual line-up of features, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, a micro-USB port, a 5-megapixel camera, and a micro-SD card slot are a safe bet. The phones are also rumoured to sport a 480x320-pixel touchscreen.

We don't know much more, but it's likely the new phones will be unveiled at phone-fest Mobile World Congress in mid-February. We'll be there, so keep it Crave to see the Ace and Suit take their place in the Galaxy line-up, alongside the Galaxy S smart phone, Galaxy Tab tablet and Galaxy Player 50 MP3 player. Do you think Samsung's line-up will be ace or thoroughly unsuitable?