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Samsung G600: 5 megapixels - but how are the pictures?

Looking at the camera quality of the Samsung G600.

The G600's camera sneaks up as part of the slider.
The G600's camera sneaks up as part of the slider.
Samsung, UK

Okay, let's get to the most asked question about this Samsung G600 I just got: 5.0 megapixels is great, but does that mean you can leave your digital camera at home?

For me, yes, but it all boils down to how perfect you need your shots to be. There's no question the pictures are high quality. The built-in flash and auto-focus make you feel like Annie Liebowitz, but you won't quite be shooting at her level! However, it is better than any other cell phone's pictures I've every seen, so my Coolpix is done traveling.

Beyond the sheer resolution, the G600's camera lets you select panorama, mosaic or macro modes as well as use some editing and printing features (neither of which I have tried yet) to feel even more like you didn't leave your real camera at home.

The G600 UK site has a small gallery of photos taken on a set that give you a sample of what this camera can do -- under ideal conditions, I might point out.

This photo ability alone recommends the G600. But there's more. The sound quality is very good, the menus are easy to navigate and this small slider phone has a great feel to it.

I can't predict the future, but I'll guess CNET's Kent German will rate it in the eights. This one's a keeper.