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Samsung fingerprint phones to follow 5S says sensor maker

Samsung could follow the Apple iPhone 5S with smart phones that read your fingerprints, according to a new report.

Samsung and other manufacturers could follow the Apple iPhone 5S with smart phones that read your fingerprints, according to a company that makes finger-scanning sensors.

Reuters reports that Swedish company Fingerprint hopes to sell touch sensors to various phone manufacturers. Fingerprint CEO Johan Carlstrom believes as many as seven or eight phones will boast touch sensors in 2014, predicting Samsung will build one or even two fingerable phones.

Of course, a company that makes fingerprint scanners has a vested interest in talking up the technology, but it's a safe bet that where Apple leads, others will follow.

The HTC One Max also sports a fingerprint sensor, on the back rather than on the front like the iPhone's Touch ID sensor. Fingerprint sensors can be used to secure your phone and authorise online transactions, but some security experts warn they can be hacked by fake fingerprints.

With the ubiquity of Android phones at all price levels, it's getting harder for phones to stand out from the crowd. I predict the next year will see a new wave of phones with gimmicky features, like fingerprint sensors or extra screens.

Samsung has also won a patent for a transparent phone, which allows you to control the screen from both sides. As reported by PatentBolt, the see-through phone would let you tap on the back of the screen so you can control apps, videos and more without blocking the view with your finger.

Has your 5S' fingerprint scanner changed your life? Should phones stay away from gimmicky features? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.