Samsung Fascinate and Moto Droid Pro get software updates

They're not getting OS updates just yet, but Verizon's Samsung Fascinate and Motorola Droid Pro are getting a selection of new features with software updates.

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Kent German
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Verizon Wireless announced today that it was issuing software updates for two of its Android handsets, the Samsung Fascinate and the Motorola Droid Pro. The devices aren't getting OS updates--sorry--but the new features, particularly on the Fascinate, are nothing to take lightly.

We've offered the full list below for your perusal. Verizon will push the over-the-air updates to users starting today, or you can initiate the download manually from your settings menu. For more information, check out Verizon's Droid Pro and Fascinate support pages.

Samsung Fascinate

Josh Miller/CNET
  • Updated versions of preloaded applications, including V Cast videos, City ID, VZ Navigator, and Amazon Kindle.
  • Ability to change the reminder time and alert tone for calendar events.
  • Improved the update consistency of the feed and widgets.
  • Music now pauses if you unplug your wired headset or turn off your Bluetooth headset.
  • Improved standalone GPS performance.
  • Increased security by hiding your 3G Mobile Hotspot password while typing.
  • Ability to open any PDF attachments sent in an e-mail.
  • Ability to use special characters in corporate e-mail passwords.
  • Enhanced backlight display for the bottom four buttons on the device.
  • Widgets now refresh based on the defined refresh time interval.
  • If already in a locked state, the device will now remain locked when placed in the desk dock or car dock.

Motorola Droid Pro

Sarah Tew/CNET
  • Improved audio on voice calls.
  • Improved stability and performance.
  • User interface display now refreshes when user switches from GSM/UMTS communication to Global Mode. Device now prepends 011 to Country Code to send text messages.
  • Global Mode no longer resets when connecting to a USB charger.
  • Visual Voice Mail now detects airplane mode while Wi-Fi is active.
  • Prompt return to full screen brightness after wake-up.