Samsung eyes phones with foldable displays in 2015

The company plans to move from curved to bendable displays and eventually to ones that can be folded.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
Samsung's curved-display Galaxy Round.
Samsung's curved-display Galaxy Round. Samsung

Samsung aims to unveil phones and other devices with foldable displays in another two years, give or take.

At an analysts event Wednesday night local time in Seoul, Korea, Samsung CEO Kwon Oh Hyun presented a slideshow revealing the company's display technology timeline for the next few years. As shown by blog site Sammy Hub, the slideshow highlights the progression planned by Samsung leading up to foldable phones.

The company has already hit its first milestone of a curved-display phone with the recent introduction of the Galaxy Round. Though some people have questioned the benefits of a phone with a curved display, at least one researcher said he believes the technology is a major innovation.

Next on Samsung's to-do list are devices with bendable displays, due out sometime in 2014. And that will pave the way to devices with foldable screens, slated to debut around the end of 2015.

Just what are the differences between curved, bendable, and foldable displays? You can learn more through CNET's FAQ: "What you should know about flexible displays."