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Samsung Enhances Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for Clearer Hearing

The updated feature promises finely tuned sound settings and better clarity.

Nina Raemont Writer
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Nina Raemont
2 min read
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2

The updated feature was announced ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 18.

Richard Peterson/CNET

Samsung is updating the Ambient Sound features in its Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds for those who are hard of hearing. On Tuesday, the company said the enhanced features will be available through software updates in the coming weeks. 

The updated feature, announced ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 18, promises clearer hearing, finely tuned sound settings and sound clarity. 

Prior to the update, there were three ambient sound customization levels available to listeners. Samsung added two more levels of amplification to promote improved hearing through the Buds 2 Pros. Listeners can now adjust volumes through the left and right earbuds and customize the Ambient Sound tone range. The Adapt Ambient Sound feature tunes to the person's ear to help them clearly hear their surroundings. 

The Buds 2 Pros aren't hearing aids, but they could help those with some hearing loss. The enhanced features were clinically tested by the University of Iowa's Hearing Aid and Aging Research Laboratory, whose researchers concluded that the earbuds' "significantly improved speech perception in those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss," according to the press release from Samsung. Another trial, performed through the Samsung Medical Center, found that the earbuds could help people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss communicate better in a quiet place.

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The feature requires a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Android 8.0 or later and at least 1.5GB of RAM, and can only be enabled through the Galaxy Wearable app. 

"We are excited to be introducing the new enhanced accessibility feature of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro to users on Global Accessibility Awareness Day," said Han-gil Moon, head of the Advanced Audio Lab at Samsung Electronics, in a statement.

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