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Samsung E590: Dinky dialler

Samsung launched an impressive array of handsets out at 3GSM but we were rather taken with a simple little candybar phone that does the basics very well

Out at 3GSM, Samsung launched so many new phones that we literally didn't know where to start. Amid the plethora of new kit and tucked away in a corner, however, was a little candybar phone called the E590.

At first we weren't sure if this was a new handset or not, as no one seemed that interested in it. On closer inspection though, we realised that it was indeed a new phone and that we rather liked its simple design.

Samsung isn't renowned for making candybar phones, but we think it hit the mark with this one. It measures a pocket-friendly 42mm wide by 94mm tall by 14mm deep. The keypad and navigation joystick are easy to use. It feels comfortable to hold and while the screen isn't massive, it's fairly easy to read texts on it.

There's a built-in FM radio and MP3 player with support for stereo Bluetooth headsets (A2DP), which means you can listen to your music wirelessly. On the back there's a 3-megapixel camera with auto-focus and you also get an expandable microSD slot so you can store all your favourite tunes and photos.

We're not sure about pricing or availability yet, but we'll keep you posted. We really like this handset and while it's not as exciting as the F700, we think it has a simplistic charm and is a great addition to Samsung's candybar portfolio. -AL