Samsung dribbles four new colours onto Galaxy S3

Love the SGS3 but don't fancy white or blue? Earthy mineral-inspired shades are incoming, says Samsung -- including 'Garnet Red' and 'Amber Brown'.

Just when you thought you had sated the lust of your inner gadget demon by buying a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3, Sammy has upped the stakes by announcing a range of new colours -- and a new 4G version of the phone.

When the quad-core S3 launched back in May it was a case of 'any colour so long as it's Marble White'. There was also a second, elusive shade -- Pebble Blue -- to choose from, albeit the blue model was harder to come by, thanks to a manufacturing delay.

Since then, we've heard whisper of a red version of the S3 and spotted a sexy black number strutting its stuff. And just today we've had some hands on time with a grey version of the S3 which includes LTE and will be coming to EE's forthcoming 4G network, 4GEE.

Samsung has now officially confirmed and christened the full range of new S3 colours -- which it claims are inspired by "the Earth's richest minerals". (Quite how hard, inert substances mined from the bowels of the Earth fit in with what Samsung dubs the S3's "human-centric design" is unclear -- but that's the magic of marketing for you.)

Anyway, the four new shades are (clockwise from the top left of the above image) -- drum roll please -- Titanium Grey, Sapphire Black, Garnet Red and Amber Brown. Or, in plain English: grey, black, red and brown -- joining the existing white or blue options.

Fans of bright colours are out of luck as -- with the exception of the Marble White offering -- the new S3 shades are all rather moodily toned.

The Titanium Grey S3 will include LTE (4G) -- and will be exclusive to EE's new 4GEE network. So having a grey S3 is one way of instantly flaunting your fast mobile credentials.

If your heart is set on a Garnet Red S3, this will be stocked by Carphone Warehouse, according to Samsung. While the Sapphire Black and Amber Brown variants will be "coming later this year" -- with no word on where exactly you'll need to go digging to unearth them.

Which shade of S3 do you fancy slipping into your pocket? Are you lusting after Titanium Grey or does Amber Brown float your boat? And are you mad as hell that a 4G S3 has been unboxed mere months after the original S3 was forged? Let us know in the comments below or bellow all about it on our Facebook page.