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Samsung covers the bases in Barcelona

CNET captures the sights from Samsung's stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

BARCELONA, Spain--Samsung had more in its Mobile World Congress stand than just the shiny new Samsung Wave. The company also displayed a gallery of handsets, from the big and bulky to the slim and shiny. Currently these handsets aren't headed to the U.S. market, but our photo gallery gives you a glimpse of what may come.

Making a handset both rugged and attractive isn't easy, but Samsung managed to pull it off with the rugged B2100 and E2370. We like the phones' smooth lines and the color accents. Features aren't plentiful, but these devices focus on durability rather than productivity.

We also spied the Samsung Ch@t; it's a touch-screen device with a bright display. It sports a midrange feature set and a slide-out keyboard. As you'd expect, it's all about messaging, e-mail, chat, and social networking. The TouchWiz interface is a Samsung hallmark.

Rounding out the selection are the three versions of the Samsung Monte and two designs of the Samsung Shark. The handsets don't stand out in the Samsung crowd, but we like anything named after a shark.