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Glossy black Galaxy S7 could be Samsung's answer to the jet black iPhone 7

Samsung is reportedly unleashing a new black color for its Galaxy S7, hopefully in time for the holidays.


iPhone diehards swarmed when Apple announced its new jet black color -- they plain sold out. Samsung may have picked up the trend that "shiny black is the new black" and could be planning to reveal a glossy black version of the Galaxy S7.

Korean news site The Investor first reported that the S7 would get new shade on Monday, but photos posted by a Chinese Samsung Weibo account also show the S7 Edge in the glossy hue. Although we have yet to see official renderings of the two devices side by side, this may be our best look yet at the new finish.


The glossy black version bears a resemblance to the old onyx black color, the main difference being the shiny black back plate. If it's anything like the iPhone 7 in jet black, the glossy sheen may be a magnet for fingerprints and smudges. I also worry it could pick up scratches, like the jet black iPhone 7, so the glossy black Galaxy may have the same issue.

Earlier this month, Samsung released the Galaxy S7 Edge in coral blue, and according to The Investor, it has been selling 15,000 units a day on average.

According to the rumor, we could see a glossy black S7 as early as December. Samsung hasn't announced the shade and told CNET it won't comment on rumors.