Samsung Continuum gains new features with update

The update, which Verizon Wireless issued today, offers interface tweaks and new features like V Cast apps, faster voice dialing, and improved Visual Voice Mail.

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Samsung Continuum

Verizon Wireless today rolled out an update to its Samsung Continuum Android smartphone. It's not an OS upgrade, but you do get an impressive array of feature improvements and interface tweaks. We'll let Verizon's official list (PDF) speak for itself, so check it out below. As with other over-the-air updates, it will go out to users in stages. But if you'd rather not wait, you can initiate (PDF) the update yourself from your handset's Settings menu.

  • Reply/Forward Visual Voice Mail audio files as attachments using a variety of e-mail providers.

  • Improved Visual Voice Mail functionality.

  • Pressing the camera button no longer launches the Messenger Application.

  • All received picture messages properly display the embedded image.

  • Added ability to delete a threaded message while in the body of the thread.

  • Alert appears when a message of more than 150 characters sends as a multimedia message.

  • When using V Cast Music, the audio track will auto-pause if you select a V Cast or native video to start.

  • Added multiple e-mail messages to be deleted from POP3 accounts.

  • Contact name displays correctly in the notification bar when a text message is received.

  • Successfully hide all declined events on Facebook application.

  • Improved voice dialing response time when connected to a Bluetooth headset or car kit.

  • "Locate Me" GPS feature in the Weatherbug widget now works correctly.

  • Properly display daylight saving time in WeatherBug application.

  • Completely delete RSS history.

  • Avoid device transitioning into a no-service state when it should not have.

  • Device will not force close when setting a wallpaper.

  • V Cast Apps now available.