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Samsung Bixby takes aim at Siri by dropping diss tracks?

The Siri-like voice assistant has an anti-Apple Easter egg, according to one Reddit user in South Korea.


Samsung's new virtual assistant Bixby might prove have its drawbacks, but rapping may not be one of them.

When the Galaxy S8 released to the public last month, Bixby's voice controls were absent. The feature finally went live this Monday, but only in South Korea. Still, this gave the rest of the world a preview of what Bixby Voice (the Siri-like part of Bixby) can do, including some fun things like spitting raps.

Bixby is Samsung's first foray into AI, and it'll be a big one for the company. Although it launches first on the Galaxy S8, Samsung plans to put Bixby on other electronics, turning Bixby voice commands into an ecosystem strong enough to compete with Google Now, Amazon Alexa and yes, Apple's Siri.

Giving Bixby the right voice command will cause it to recite one of several verses. But one Reddit user found that if you take the first letter of each line in one of its raps, it spells out "시리보다 내가 낫다" which translates to "I am better than Siri," according to Google Translate. Shots fired.

Since Bixby Voice is still limited to South Korea, it's not known whether Bixby will be able to rap in other languages. Samsung did not immediately respond when CNET reached out for comment. Previously, Samsung stated that Bixby Voice won't be available in English until "later this spring."

So we'll have to wait for Bixby to drop its full mixtape.

[Via Mashable]