Samsung announces Android-powered Galaxy Ace, Fit, Gio, Mini

We don't know much about the four new Galaxy smartphones Samsung announced, but we'll find out plenty about these global releases by Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona.

This Samsung Galaxy phone will get four more siblings soon.

Samsung's global family of Galaxy S Android smartphones is growing. Today the cell phone maker announced four more members: Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Samsung Galaxy Gio, and Samsung Galaxy Mini. We won't get a chance to see the new global devices until Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona, Spain, and the phones are all headed to Russia first (the Fit is available there now), with expansion to the rest of Europe, India, and China. The Galaxy Fit will eventually head to South American countries as well.

We do know a little about each device. Like their predecessors, the new phones have Samsung's Social Hub for communications, as well as the Android Market and Samsung's custom apps. They'll also all include the Swype virtual keyboard for tracing rather than typing words on the screen (standard typing is still allowed, though).

The Ace is aimed at "trendy and sociable young professionals," according to Samsung. It will feature a 3.5-inch HVGA display and 800MHz processor.

Samsung bills the Fit as a business phone, but doesn't say much about the stats except for its 3.3-inch QVGA display and 600MHz processor. Style and social networking seem to be Samsung's focus with the Gio, which will sport a 3.2-inch HVGA display and "enhanced social networking" capabilities, but just what that means remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the entry-level Mini will have a rather small 3.14-inch QVGA display, a 600MHz processor, and a colorful stripe on the spines.

Samsung seems to be ratcheting down the premium specs of the first run of its Galaxy line with smaller screen sizes, middling processing speeds, and an emphasis on visual design. You can also expect these phones to be more affordable, but pricing hasn't been announced. We'll fill you in with more details--like which version of Android the smartphones will launch--when we've got 'em.