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Samsung and AMD partner up for mobile GPUs

The two will work on mobile graphics tech for phones.

AMD and Samsung are targeting mobile devices like phones with their GPU development partnership.

Samsung and AMD are teaming up to develop mobile graphics using AMD's Radeon GPU technology.

The multi-year partnership will see the two develop "advanced graphics technologies and solutions," the companies said Monday.

The graphics systems will be high-performance and ultra-low power, and aimed at mobile devices including smartphones.

Radeon graphics are already being used across PC, console, cloud and high-performance computing, AMD CEO Lisa Su said.

"Our partnership with AMD will allow us to bring groundbreaking graphics products and solutions to market for tomorrow's mobile applications," Inyup Kang, president of Samsung Electronics System LSI, said in a statement. "Working with AMD to accelerate innovations in mobile graphics technologies ... will help take future mobile computing to the next level."

Terms include Samsung paying AMD licensing fees and royalties for its Radeon technology, and AMD licensing custom graphics intellectual property based on RDNA architecture.

Samsung will also integrate Radeon graphics into all of its future system-on-a-chip offerings for mobile applications.

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