Samsung Access subscription program gives upgrade plan to latest Galaxy devices

A new program to make sure you always have a fresh Galaxy.

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Eli Blumenthal
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Samsung's new Access program allows for Galaxy S20 upgrades every few months. 

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Always looking to have the latest Samsung Galaxy ? Samsung has a new upgrade program geared especially to you. 

Called Samsung Access for Mobile, the new program allows Galaxy owners to finance the company's latest devices for a monthly fee, with the option to trade in and upgrade a phone after nine months. 

Available for Samsung's latest Galaxy S20 5G , S20 Plus 5G and S20 Ultra 5G, the new offering starts at $37 a month for the 128GB S20 5G and goes up to $48 a month for the S20 Ultra 5G. All devices are unlocked and the Access subscription includes 1TB of cloud storage through Microsoft OneDrive , a subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal (which includes Microsoft Office ) and Samsung's Premium Care extended warranty and device support. 

Under the program you'll be able to swap your phone for a new device every nine months at no extra charge so long as the phone you're returning is still in good, working condition that powers on, has a working screen and has "no breaks or cracks or other defects that go beyond normal wear and tear." 

If you're looking to trade their phones in sooner, you'll have the option to do so. But you will need to pay a $100 fee. 

There is no contract, though if you cancel the service before three months are up you will need to pay a $100 fee plus return the phone. You also won't be able to trade-in your current phone to get a discount on the subscription plan. 

All told the program is similar to Apple's upgrade program for iPhones , which lets you pay Apple a monthly fee for a new iPhone and Apple Care Plus warranty protection, with the ability to upgrade to a new device after 12 months. 

Samsung currently limits swaps to other Galaxy S20 phones , though it's possible that in the future the program could be expanded to allow people with Galaxy S phones to trade them in for Galaxy Note , Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy Fold devices. The company traditionally releases new versions of its S-line of phones in the spring and Note devices in the late summer or early fall. 

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment on if it would expand the service to include other devices. 

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