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Sagem my511X: Magpie's delight

Sagem is slowly changing from the ugly ducklilng of the mobile world to the stylish swan -- but is the candybar my511X as good as it looks?

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Sagem has gone from producing hideously ugly budget phones to rather pretty ones -- and they still won't leave you out of pocket. This candybar beauty, called the Sagem my511X, costs just £50 from Argos, or £70 from Woolworths. The extra £20 buys you -- wait for it -- a 512MB microSD card. Now that's what we call value.

At 11mm thin, the my511X is pocket-friendly but feels solid enough that it won't snap in half very easily. There's a 1.3-megapixel camera on the back, an MP3 player, a WAP browser and Bluetooth. There's also a collection of fun Java games and all the usual features you'd expect, such as an alarm and calendar.

But we do have one niggle with the my511X that might put you off and that's the keypad. Although it looks good, it's not very easy to use, because it's completely flat. This means the keys can be difficult to distinguish between properly, particularly if you're texting fast. Expect a full review soon. -Andrew Lim