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Rumored Lumia 929 spotted in a leaked photo

A press image of the reported Lumia 929, another addition to Nokia's Lumia 900 line, has surfaced and it looks like the phone is going to Verizon.

The leaked photo of the Lumia 929.

Just a few weeks ago, we got a peek at Nokia's rumored new Windows phone, the Lumia 1520. Now we're getting a first glimpse of another addition to the Lumia line, the Lumia 929, thanks to a leaked press photo.

Two photos from @evleaks, who frequently leaks out images on his Twitter account of gadgets before they're real, show the front and back of the Lumia 929. The photos show the Verizon logo, hinting that the phone will launch with that carrier and support LTE.

As Engadget points out, the press image shows a large home screen, with more room for live tiles, indicating that the phone is running the next Windows Phone 8 OS, called General Distribution Release 3. And, based on a phone submission to the FCC, Engadget speculates that the 929 could have a 5-inch screen.

We might have to wait at least a few weeks to find out if the 929 is real. Nokia was rumored to be holding an event on September 26, possibly to unveil a phablet and other hardware, but that event has been pushed to October.