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Rumored Galaxy S20 pricing suggests Samsung's new phones won't be cheap

All that power comes at a cost.

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Behold, the many cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S20.

XDA Developers

Samsung's Galaxy S20 is already shaping up to be one of 2020's most powerful phones . Rumored to pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 120Hz displays, 12GB of RAM, 5G and vastly improved cameras, the company's next flagship phone seems set to check off most, if not all, of the spec boxes. As one might expect, however, all this power may not come cheap. 

According to XDA Developers' Max Weinbach, who in recent weeks has provided images and specs for Samsung's forthcoming phones, the European pricing for the S20 line is shaping up as follows: 900-1,000 euros for the S20 5G, 1,050-1,100 euros for the S20 Plus 5G and 1,300 euros for the S20 Ultra 5G with the foldable Galaxy Z coming in at 1,400 euros. 

Using today's conversion rates, this would translate to US pricing of roughly $900-$1,100 for the S20 5G, $1,160-$1,220 for the S20 Plus 5G, $1,440 for the S20 Ultra and approximately $1,550 for the Galaxy Z foldable. 

As pricing is often regionalized, Weinbach speculates that US pricing will be less, starting at $850 for the S20, $950 for the S20 Plus and $1,200 for the S20 Ultra. Trade-in and carrier promotions also often lower the cost of new phones even further, though it remains to be seen what will be offered for the S20. 

For comparison, last year's Galaxy S10 launched in the US starting at $750 for the lower-end S10E, $900 for the S10 and $1,000 for the S10 Plus , with the S10 Plus 5G running $1,300 and the Galaxy Fold  coming in at $1,980. 

The Galaxy S20 is set to be formally revealed on Feb. 11. Samsung declined to comment when asked about the rumored pricing.

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