Rumor: iPad 3 could launch by Thanksgiving

A report from Taiwan Economic News cites industry executives as saying they estimate Apple will release the next version of its tablet as early as Thanksgiving--"or next year."

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Rumors about the iPad 3 are ramping up again, with one report claiming the next version of Apple's tablet could launch as early as Thanksgiving.

A story in yesterday's Taiwan Economic News cited industry executives as saying they estimate Apple will release the iPad 3 "by this Thanksgiving or next year."

Whether its next tablet reaches consumers by this year's holiday season, Apple is expected to sell the iPad 3 at current prices and then discount the iPad 2 to clear out inventory, said the sources.

Calling the iPad 3 a "threat" to non-Apple tablets, the Taiwan Economic News pointed to a new Transformer computer from Asustek designed to give the iPad a run for its money. Doubling as both a laptop and a tablet, the new Transformer should hit the market this October in anticipation of Apple trimming its prices for the iPad 2 and unveiling the iPad 3.

Citing people familiar with Asustek's plans, the Taiwan Economic News said the company is working with suppliers to come up with designs that can compete with the iPad 3.

This latest rumor follows a report last month from DigiTimes that said Apple would release a new tablet by the end of this year's third quarter or early in the fourth quarter. But the new device would be dubbed the iPad 2 Plus, thinner than the current iPad and reportedly with a better display.

Other reports have claimed the next iPad would sport the high-resolution Retina display currently found on the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4G.

As with all rumors about Apple and the iPad, this one from the Taiwan Economic News should be taken with a hefty grain of salt, especially given the vague time frame on the iPad 3's potential launch date.