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Rugged CAT B15Q and S50 phones now available in US

Previously only offered in Europe, the tough-as-nails smartphones have made their way across the pond.

The rugged and durable CAT B15Q is now available at Home Depot. CAT

Doing a little bit of handiwork around the home this weekend? Well, while you're at Home Depot picking up some paint and tools don't forget to snag a new rugged smartphone. Indeed, you'll now find Android-powered CAT B15Q handsets at the big box retailer.

Previously only available in Europe, CAT phones are tough and rugged devices built to withstand just about anything you might throw their way. Heck, they might be able to take a throw, too.

Indeed, the B15Q can take on water, dust, drops, and extreme temperatures. And, because you may find yourself using the phone while replacing the kitchen sink, the display can recognize touch even when wet.

Unlike rugged phones of yesterday , the CAT series doesn't sacrifice power for durability. The B15Q features a 4-inch scratch-resistant display with Gorilla Glass, Android KitKat , a 5-megapixel camera with a LED flash, 3G (but no 4G), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, GPS, 16 hours of promised talk time, and a media player. It looks like the existing B15, but it has a faster processor (quad-core vs dual-core) and RAM (1GB vs 512MB).

Unlocked and ready for your AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card, the 3G handset retails for $349; a dual-SIM variant runs $359. Looking ahead, CAT also will launch its S50 in November. Slightly larger at 4.7 inches, other specs include an 8-megapixel rear shooter and 4G LTE support. Stay tuned for CNET reviews of both devices.

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