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Rolling Stones select superfans to receive custom Master & Dynamic headphones

The Rolling Stones rewards fans with the opportunity to purchase a pair of exclusive Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones adorned with the band's iconic lips logo.

New York-based headphone house Master & Dynamic is no stranger to collaboration. In the past, the team's beautifully-crafted MH40 over-ears have been a canvas for designers like Proenza Schouler and Poggy, but today the brand is launching its most satisfying partnership to date: a pair of MH40s celebrating the 54-year career of the Rolling Stones.

The limited-edition headphones with the band's iconic lips logo on the ear cups are available Wednesday in two colors (gunmetal or matte black), but you'll have to prove your loyalty if you want to buy a pair.

Master & Dynamic partnered with The Rolling Stones to design this custom pair of MH40 over-ear headphones.

Master & Dynamic

To do so, Master & Dynamic leaned on the streaming music service Spotify to select a handful of users that have spent the most time listening to the band's discography.

The qualifying superfans (limited to US and UK Spotify Premium subscribers) will receive an email from Master & Dynamic today that contains a voucher code that can be used to buy one of the custom MH40s for $499 (about £386), which includes an MP1000 headphone stand and free shipping.

The company produced a very limited run of the headphones with only 1,962 units made.

If that number sounds random to you, you're probably not obsessed with The Rolling Stones. The band formed in 1962, and each of the headphones will ship with the production number engraved on the inside ear cup.

Super fans have only until July 13, 2016, to pick up their pairs, at which time Master & Dynamic will sell the remaining headphones to the general public on its website. Check out our video review below of the MH40 headphones.

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