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Ringtone indicators missing after iTunes 7.5 update, fixes

Ringtone indicators missing after iTunes 7.5 update, fixes

Several users have reported an issue where some or all ringtone eligibility indicators (which appear next to purchased tracks in iTunes for which ringtone versions can be purchased) are missing after the update to iTunes 7.5.

As posted by user jma205 on the Apple Discussion Boards:

"I just updated my itunes and quicktime. After restarting the computer and opening itunes, I noticed that almost all of my ringtone symbols had disappeared. There are very few songs left that have the symbol."

There are two primary fixes for this issue:

  • De-authorize then re-authorize your iTunes account This can be accomplished using the functions found in the "Store" menu in iTunes. First pick the "De-authorize" command, then when our computer has been successfully de-authorized, go back and select the "Authorize" command - your ringtone icons may reappear.
  • Open Ringtone editor Control-click (on a Mac) or right-click (Mac or PC) on one of the tracks that does display a ringtone eligibility icon and select the Create Ringtone option. Close the editor, and your ringtone eligibility icons may reappear.