RIM to begin carrier testing of new devices next month

At BlackBerry Jam Americas, RIM CEO says BlackBerry 10 is on track and that devices are coming soon.

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BlackBerry Jam Americas 2012 keynote
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Carrier testing on new BlackBerry devices will start next month, Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins told developers today at BlackBerry Jam Americas.

"BlackBerry 10 is on track," Heins said. "Our sales forces are getting ready. Better devices are in testing."

Heins made his remarks during the company's US developers conference. The event gave the company a chance to show off details about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system -- and to woo developers back to its platform. An updated software developer kit today will give software makers early access to new features in the software, Heins said.

The conference comes as the company's offerings are threatened to be made irrelevant by iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. The release of new BlackBerry hardware in the first quarter of 2013 is seen as a make-or-break moment for the once-mighty Canadian device maker.

Heins made no additional comments on when new BlackBerry devices would be made available.