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RIM announces new BlackBerrys

RIM announced that it plans on releasing seven new OS 7 phones this year. Also, Boost Mobile finally gets the BlackBerry Style.

RIM announces over seven OS 7 BlackBerrys in the next few months.

RIM CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis announced at this week's annual shareholder meeting that the company plans on releasing seven new OS 7 BlackBerry smartphones in the near future. They didn't go into specifics, but we assume the handsets would include the phones that have been announced, like the Bold 9900 and the Bold 9930. We also suspect the list would include a few leaked devices, like the 9860, the 9850 Monaco/Monza, a Curve Touch, and more.

A new BlackBerry that we definitely know is available is the BlackBerry 9670 Style for Boost Mobile. It was just announced today, and is essentially the Boost Mobile version of the Sprint device (you can read our review of Sprint's BlackBerry Style here). As a reminder, it's a flip phone with a full QWERTY keyboard, and ships with BlackBerry OS 6. The Style for Boost Mobile costs $199.99 and requires a $60 monthly unlimited plan.

(Via IntoMobile and Phonescoop)