RightSite sets its sights

Documentum introduces its RightSite software to manage content on corporate Web sites, automating manual tasks and keeping a site current.

CNET News staff
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Documentum (DCTM) today unveiled its RightSite software to manage content on corporate Web sites.

RightSite, targeted at companies committing to the Web as a corporate networking infrastructure, assembles pages "on the fly," delivering only information relevant to and authorized for a particular user. It extends Documentum's Enterprise Document Management System.

RightSite also updates hyperlinks in a corporate Web application to ensure that links always point to the appropriate version of a page. It automates the manual tasks in keeping a site's content current and tailors content to specific users, lowering the cost of Web applications.

"Documentum has differentiated itself from other document management vendors by incorporating Web content into a company's overall information infrastructure," said analyst Carl Frappaolo, executive vice president of Delphi, a Boston-based analyst group specializing in document management technology.

Other firms also are targeting the market for managing Web content on large corporate intranets, including Computer Associates, Silicon Graphics, EBT, and NetManage, which acquired Maximum Information and its product line in June.

Documentum's RightSite suite comes in several components: DocPage server for capturing, managing, and assembling data intranets; a family of clients for Webmasters, content providers, and users; a spider to automate the process of propagating a Docbase repository from an existing Web site; and DocPage Builder software tools for deploying and maintaining customized Web applications.

"Deploying documents on the Web provides challenges regarding security and accuracy. We believe RightSite will solve these problems, streamline our Web management, and help us to improve our quality efforts," said Buddy Ditthardt, office services manager of Tranquest, a publisher based in Cleveland.

RightSite is scheduled to ship by year's end for Netscape Communications and Microsoft HTTP servers running Microsoft NT 3.51 and 4.0 operating systems. In the first quarter of 1997, support is scheduled for Netscape servers running on Sun Microsystems' Solaris and Hewlett-Packard Unix server platforms.

An unlimited, unnamed user version, without password control, is priced at $20,000 per server. For delivering personalized information based on password and profile, typical volume pricing for RightSite ranges from $180 to $960 per user.