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Stop developers from bugging you for a review in iOS 10.3

Tired of being asked to leave a review for your favorite iOS app every time you use it? Us too.

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iOS 10.3 is a midyear iPhone update full of helpful features, such as a tool that lets you track down a lost AirPod and easier iCloud storage management. But perhaps best of all, Apple is giving you more power over being nagged about leaving reviews for an app in the App Store.

Specifically, Apple is going to limit the number of times an app developer can request a review of an app, then provide the means to leave a review directly within the app, according to MacRumors.

Even better, Apple included a review prompt kill switch -- of sorts -- in iOS 10.3 beta 2. Meaning, you can disable all review prompts from developers if you so desire.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

To prevent developers from using Apple's new review prompt, open Settings > iTunes & App Store and slide the switch labeled In-App Ratings & Reviews to the off position.

Granted, this won't prevent apps that have yet to implement the new review prompt from bugging you. And Apple has yet to say when it will begin requiring that developers use the new method.

Update, February 8: Added more detail on the process of disabling in-app review prompts.

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