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Reversible emojis might be coming to our devices soon

It's a seemingly simple change, but being able to flip emojis from one direction to the other opens up a new world of communication possibilities.

The change would let you choose the directions your emoji face.

Those googly eyes on emojis that currently face left could be made to face to the right next year if Apple or other device vendors decide to give you the option. 

A draft of the new guidelines announced Monday night by the Unicode Consortium would allow vendors to give you the power to reverse the direction of your emoji. 

The guidelines are still in draft form but should be finalized by the time the next large batch of emojis become available in the second half of 2018. This means that by next fall, if all the current emoji candidates from Unicode are approved, you could have roughly 130 new emojis with some or all that are reversible. It's important to note the list of candidates is not a final list and is subject to change before approval.

Some of the other emoji candidates in the beta include the teddy bear, mango, party facespool of thread and skateboard.