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Return of the $7 cable-management board

That's the price for the medium-size one; get a large for about a buck more! Plus: Rent any movie for 99 cents (hopefully?).

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From chaos to order in one $7-$8 swoop.


Time for a rerun! When I first shared this deal back in March, it was super popular and sold out quickly. Today the seller has more inventory (hopefully a lot more) and a price that's within a few cents of last time.

I love cheap solutions to life's little problems.

For example, I typically keep various tech accessories in my backpack: mobile charger, a few sync cables, a flash drive, a set of earphones and various other essentials.

But all those items are just tossed into the bottom of one of the backpack pockets -- a big mess that makes everything hard to find. Actually, they're no longer that way, because I now own one of these. 

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Ugreen (via Amazon) has an elastic cable-management board for $7.39 when you apply promo code YUVFNAO8 at checkout. That's for the medium-size model; you can also get the large version for $8.13 (with the same code).

Until a few months ago, I didn't know such a thing existed, and at first I chuckled at the very idea. But quickly I realized it could be a great addition to my backpack. It's not a zippered case, but rather a rigid board with a bunch of crisscrossing elastic straps of varying lengths.

So you just tuck all your items under suitable straps and you're good to go. Everything is immediately visible, which I like. And everything is super organized, which I also like.

Obviously this isn't just for backpack owners; it would work just as well inside a briefcase, atop a previously messy desk or even just in a drawer.

Cheap. Simple. Effective. That's the trifecta of deal goodness, in my book.

Bonus deal: The Google Play Store is once again offering any movie rental for 99 cents -- at least, that's what I found when I visited the store this morning. The offer was right there in the carousel up top. Your mileage may vary; in the past, deals that have appeared for me were not visible to others. (Google sometimes works in mysterious ways.) Anyway, I've been meaning to see "Hidden Figures," so I think that's where my 99 cents is headed. How about you?