Report: Select AT&T phones to allow third-party app stores

AT&T has prepared a software update which will allow for non-Android Market app installation. While some current devices are expected to receive the update, all future smartphones will be enabled at time of release.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster

AT&T's current and future Android smartphones will allow for third-party apps. AndroidCentral

As we learned in early May, the Samsung Infuse 4G will be the first AT&T smartphone to allow for applications outside of the Android Market, and it looks like more are on the way.

Citing a desire to open up a bit, AT&T indicated it would be embracing third-party app stores and the side-loading of apps and games. At the time of the announcement, I was hopeful that the carrier would adopt this policy going forward with all of its Android phones. It appears my suspicions are correct, as AT&T plans to enable this option for all phones sold May 15 and beyond.

AndroidCentral has snagged a screenshot that indicates both new and existing devices will allow for non-Android Market sources. According to details obtained by the blog, AT&T will begin issuing a software update to select handsets running 2.2 or higher.

Among this list of devices are the HTC Aria, the HTC Inspire 4G, and the Samsung Captivate. Once this update hits these phones, users will be able to enjoy the Amazon App Store, Getjar, and direct downloads.

There is no indication yet as to when this software update will arrive, but I suspect it will be in short order.