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Report: RIM to launch BlackBerry social network

RIM will soon launch a new Web site for BlackBerry users to recommend applications and share tips, as the company struggles to compete against the Apple iPhone App Store.

Research in Motion is about to launch a new social network for its BlackBerry App World store, according to a report from the blog TechCrunch.

The new site is called MyBlackBerry and it will allow device owners to create a social profile where they can share opinions and recommendations for their favorite applications and accessories, the story said. Users will also be able to share tips and tricks for using their devices.

TechCrunch claims that RIM will launch the new site on Tuesday. A source close to the company confirmed for CNET News that RIM is working on some kind of social networking site, but details of the site and when it will be launched weren't available. RIM declined to comment on the TechCrunch story.

According to TechCrunch, the new site will look more like a user group bulletin board than a true social networking site. The site will be personalized so that people can connect with others using the same device they have. For example, someone with a BlackBerry Storm will be able to chat or share information with others using the Storm.

The new social network site comes as RIM struggles to gain attention for its App World store. Unlike the iPhone App Store, which has more than 50,000 applications and has had millions of downloads, the BlackBerry App World store, which launched in March, only has about 2,000 applications.