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Repairing a cracked iPhone XR screen will cost you $199

Fixing a broken iPhone screen isn't cheap.

The iPhone XR will hit shelves on Oct. 26.
James Martin/CNET

Apple's new iPhone XR comes with the all-screen design of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone X. Some people may be eager to get their hands on the XR's big 6.1-inch screen. But for those of us whose clumsiness have betrayed iPhones in the past, it's hard not to imagine the spiderweb of cracks that are waiting to creep onto that screen.

Repair prices dating back to the iPhone 6s Plus.

Screenshot by Gordon Gottsegen/CNET

On Monday, Apple added the iPhone XR to its iPhone service pricing support page. According to the site, it costs $199 (or £196.44 and AU$318.95) to repair a broken iPhone XR screen through Apple. Other damage, which is damage not limited to just the screen, costs $399 to fix (or £396.44 and AU$618.95).

So it can be expensive to break your iPhone XR, but that $199 price tag is still lower than the screen repair cost of the iPhone XS ($279, £282.44 and AU$858.95), iPhone XS Max ($329, £326.44 and AU$618.95) and even the iPhone X ($279, £282.44 and AU$858.95). You can see more iPhone repair prices in the attached image.

Of course, you can always opt for Apple's AppleCare+ insurance, which covers two incidents of accidental damage. Having AppleCare+ brings all iPhone screen repairs down to $29, £25 and AU$45.

If you're thinking about getting one of Apple's new iPhones, you can read CNET's head-to-head comparison here.

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