Remember: At Verizon, it's not just iPhone

Before you rush out to preorder a Verizon iPhone 4, keep in mind that some of the carrier's other forthcoming devices may be more advanced.

Judging by the elated reactions to today's announcement of the iPhone 4, a significant contingent is poised to switch to Verizon, or switch to the iPhone, anyway, if they're already a Big Red subscriber.

The Verizon iPhone has plenty to offer, but keep in mind that it won't do it all. There are still plenty of other phones on Verizon's deep bench poised to deliver on superb hardware specs and software capabilities--including brilliant displays, high-resolution cameras, support for Flash video, HD video capture and playback, and HDMI support.

At CES last week, we saw four new 4G LTE Android handsets all bound for Verizon--these are sure to compete with the iPhone in a spec-to-spec showdown. With that in mind, here's a gallery of excellent Verizon contenders, both present and future. It could turn out that the smartphone you're waiting for isn't an iPhone at all.