Red Pop adds camera button to your iPhone

This Kickstarter project looks like a killer accessory for iPhone shutterbugs. The question is, will the developer raise enough cash to get it into production?

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Rick Broida
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If the developer can raise enough cash, you'll soon be able to add this nifty shutter-release button to your iPhone.
If the developer can raise enough cash, you'll soon be able to add this nifty shutter-release button to your iPhone. Beep Industries

As every iPhone owner knows, taking photos with the device can be a hassle. Unless you're looking straight into the screen and holding the phone with two hands, it's downright tricky to hit that tiny shutter-release button. And if you're trying to snap a self-portrait, forget about it.

With any luck, Apple will do something about that in iOS 5. Of course, there are camera apps that can snap a photo when you tap anywhere on the screen, but that's just not the same thing as pressing a physical shutter-release button.

Enter Red Pop, an iPhone 4 accessory that adds a big red camera button to the business end of your phone. It's currently in development--and its creators are seeking funding via Kickstarter. Here's the full scoop:

As someone who's long been frustrated by the iPhone's camera app, I could definitely see owning one of these. Whether I'll be able to is still up in the air: Developer Beep Industries is looking for $20,000 in pledges before going into production. As of this writing, they've raised around $4,400.

How much will the Red Pop cost if they meet their goal? That's not yet known, but the minimum buy-in to get one of the first production units is $75. That strikes me as a little steep for something as small and simplistic as this. On the other hand, if you rely heavily on your iPhone for photography, it might seem like a bargain.

What do you think? Is this something you'd like to own? If so, how much would you pay for it? And are you willing to pony up some "investment capital" to help make it a reality?

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