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Re-creating a movie scene on the iPhone 12 Pro

Can you film and edit a cinematic-looking movie scene using the iPhone 12 Pro? I gave it a try.

Apple showed off a few striking films produced entirely on the iPhone 12 during its October event. It made me wonder how easy it would be for people at home to try to do the same. When I got my hands on the iPhone 12 Pro, I attempted to do just that -- film and edit the iconic "there's no place like home" scene from The Wizard of Oz. Because let's face it, right now there truly is no place like home. 

I used camera tricks that you can try out yourself regardless of the phone you have. All you need is a phone or video camera with the ability to record in slow motion. 

Jessica Fierro

I also put Apple's Photo and iMovie apps to the test to see exactly how much of the scene I could edit using just the 12 Pro. Spoiler alert -- I had to switch over to my computer with Adobe Premiere to edit some of this scene, but I was pretty impressed with the number of things I could achieve using just the iPhone

Check out the video on this page to see exactly what camera tricks I used, the editing I was able to achieve on the iPhone and how the final scene turned out.