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Real-life Tron light cycles on iPhone, minus the motorbikes

Are you a fully-fledged Tron geek and fancy playing a real-world game of light cycles? Grab your iPhone and get ready, because now you can.

The famous light cycles from the movie Tron are back in the sequel, Tron Legacy, for which there's already plenty of buzz. In an act of canny marketing, Coca-Cola has developed a game that lets you play light cycles in the real world using a smart phone.

Available as a free download for the iPhone and coming soon for Android, Coke's LiveCycle game allows you to use your smart phone's GPS capabilities to track your movements in large, open areas, creating a light wall. Like Jeff Bridges, your aim is to make your opponents crash into it. 

At the moment, it is only a single-player affair, but Coke says updates will allow you to play with your friends. Cool huh? Now, we know what you are thinking -- what's stopping you from playing this game on real bikes? Coke has made it very, very clear that you shouldn't play this game with any type of vehicle. The app even warns you of this a couple of times before you play.

It's a sensible move, although we can also see accidents happening with people walking in strange directions on the street, their eyes fixated on their phones. In order to prevent more serious accidents, the developers included a fail-safe, where your speed affects the power of your light cycle. If you go too fast, you'll deplete the cycle's power, and you'll need to stop and charge. So there's no point powering up your motorbike in an attempt to create a real-life death race, because it won't work.

It's an interesting way to use augmented reality to hype up a movie, which, to be perfectly honest, doesn't need any more hyping. The Tron sequel is out on 17 December. Watch the original light cycle scene below, and feel the memories flooding back.