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Reader's Questions About the Pre #2

Answering a few more reader's questions about the Palm Pre... Kim Dushinski, founder of Mobile Marketing Profits has a few questions...

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Answering a few more reader's questions about the Palm Pre...

Kim Dushinski, founder of Mobile Marketing Profits says:

I am a very happy Pre owner (got mine on launch day!) I have a couple questions.


Q. Is there a way to back space without deleting?

A. Moving the cursor is done by holding the Orange key and swiping on the screen. Article here.


Q. How do I close down the Web without having to "back" out of each page to get the web card in the deck so I can swipe it off the top of the screen?

A. Anytime you're in an application you can press the small round button in the center of the gesture are to change to card view, then flick the app off the screen! It's an amazing shortcut to be sure.


Q. Is there a way to forward text messages?

A. Not yet! But that's been requested a lot.

While I knew the answer to #2, I wasn't sure about the others. Thankfully, Pre101 came to my rescue!! I credit them with the answers to questions 1 and 3. Check them out for some awesome information on the Palm Pre.