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RCRD LBL: Music meets Web meets record label

RCRD LBL is a new startup from the founder of Gizmodo and Engadget. It's a DRM-free music blog and record label that's set to offer a fresh approach to online music promotion

Today, we'd like to introduce you to a very new, very fresh music Web site. It's called RCRD LBL and it's founded by Peter Rojas, notable for founding Gizmodo, then for founding Gizmodo's rival, Engadget. The new project is something of an experiment: it's an ad-supported music blog, mixed with a pro-digital-freedom record label.

Several commercial labels, known as sub-labels, are on board, each of which has its own blog on the site to promote their bands and offer free downloads, sans DRM.

The other element of the site is an online record label. RCRD LBL will sign artists and bands that it likes, promote them and pay them. All the money will come from commercial advertising on the site.

There's something of a Web 2.0 feeling about this new project, though not in the social sense: many widgets around the site can be embedded into other sites, in iGoogle or even on the OS X Dashboard, letting users have new content delivered to their favourite locations. Users get their own profiles and can have customised RSS feeds deliver new editorials and music straight to their reader.

It's going to be an exciting project to watch. We're massive fans of music crashing headlong into tech here at Crave, so any music startup founded by a respected technology guru gets double-plus thumbs up from us. Head over to and show some love. -Nate Lanxon