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Razer Raiju Mobile is a new Android game controller

Crack those knuckles and get ready for a lot of gaming.

The Raiju is a new controller designed to work with most Android phones.
Logan Moy/CNET

In a Hollywood event loft saturated in green light, Razer launched a must-have accessory for serious Android gamers on Wednesday. 

The Razer Raiju Mobile gaming controller is more accurate than onscreen controls and it adds more functionality than they can provide.

"When playing games on your phone, switching to the Raiju almost feels like cheating," said Michael Weitz Razer product marketing manager. "But it's not cheating. It's just a having a good controller."

The Raiju Mobile isn't just for the new Razer Phone 2. It can connect to phones running Android 6.0 via Bluetooth Low Energy or a USB-C plug -- and there's an adapter for phones with a Micro-USB ports.

PC compatibility will come later. That means when you're sick of playing Fortnite on your phone, you can switch to your PC and still use the same controller.

The design of the Raiju Mobile is hybrid of the Razer Wolverine controller and the Raiju PlayStation 4 controller. Keys and thumb-sticks can be customized via an Razer Android app.

The Razer Raiju Mobile wireless gaming controller will be available later this year. Razer hasn't yet announced pricing.

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