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Qualcomm hones strategy abroad while competitors lurk

The cell phone company aims to boost its wireless technology by negotiating a presence in the important Chinese market, while Nokia and Microsoft continue to refine their wireless Net plans.



Qualcomm and its competitors are pushing to make inroads in the growing wireless market.

"If they don't get it, their competitors can say 'Yeah, Qualcomm is big, but they don't have China.'"

- Iain Gillot, wireless industry analyst, International Data Corp.


China telecom companies to use Qualcomm's technology
The new deal clears the way for Qualcomm's standard to break into the Chinese market.

Qualcomm in talks with leading Chinese firm
The cell phone company is looking to establish an important beachhead in Asia, a market that could prove vital to its wireless strategy.

Nokia beats earnings estimates, splits stock
The cell phone maker reports that earnings climbed 45 percent and announces a 4-for-1 stock split.

Microsoft promotes Windows wireless Net technology
The software behemoth continues to stake its claim in the telecommunications and mobile access markets with new technology and an alliance intended to promote its use.