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Qualcomm may seek import ban on iPhones into US

The chipmaker may escalate a legal fight with Apple over licensing fees by turning to the US International Trade Commission, according to Bloomberg.

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Qualcomm could be planning to escalate its legal spat with Apple.

The chipmaker may ask the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban Apple from importing iPhones into the US, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing a person familiar with Qualcomm's strategy. The possibility comes amid a legal dispute over billions of dollars in licensing fees that Apple has stopped paying.

Apple's nonpayment led Qualcomm to cut expectations on revenue and earnings for its third fiscal quarter that ends in June.

An Apple lawsuit filed in January claims that Qualcomm charges an unfair amount, while the chipmaker claims that the iPhone maker has refused to pay what had already been agreed on.

Qualcomm and Apple declined to comment.

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