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Qik videocalls connect iPhones and Androids

Qik Video Connect for Android now features videocalling, allowing users to connect with other Qik members including their friends who use iPhones.

iPhones are from Mars, Androids are from Chapek 9, and in most cases the two smartphone operating systems never communicate — but Qik videocalling is a new exception to the rule.

HTC's Incredible S is one of several new Androids featuring a front-facing camera. (Credit: HTC/Skype)

Qik, a video-sharing service recently acquired by Skype, has posted an update of its software to the Android Market, allowing its users to videocall others using the same software on their smartphones. A similar videocalling feature was delivered to the Apple App Store just over a month ago. With similar videocalling features on offer for both platforms, users of either version of the software can now communicate with video over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Videocalling is the flagship new feature, but the traditional Qik suite of video-sharing tools is still available in the Android update. Users can stream video from their phones live to the web, post pre-recorded videos to their user profiles and send video mail to friends in their phone address books.