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Put an AI personal trainer in your ears for $45 with the LifeBeam Vi Sense Wireless Headphones

These Harman Kardon headphones work with a human-sounding AI trainer that guides you through you personalized workouts.

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Getting a personal trainer is an expensive proposition -- I know, because I've done it. If you think the time is right for an affordable AI personal trainer that can learn about you and customize workouts to your needs and abilities, well, you might be right. Back in 2016, the Vi hit Kickstarter and collected almost $1.7 million to make a set of headphones with a subscription-based AI running coach. At launch, the Vi headphones cost $250, and now regularly sell for $125 on Amazon (right now, they're $99). But while supplies last, Daily Steals is offering the LifeBeam Vi Sense Wireless Headphones for $45 when you enter promo code CNETVI at checkout.

That's a pretty amazing deal -- is the lowest price we've ever seen for the Vi headphones by a wide margin, and includes the first year of Vi training sessions for free. After that, you'll need to pay $10 per month. Personally, I think that's a little pricey, but you get a whole year to decide if a subscription will be right for you. Or, you, know, maybe the subscription price will drop by then. 

The headphones themselves are of the around-the-neck variety, made by Harman Kardon, and users have raved about the sound quality. They also do double duty as a fitness tracker, able to detect heart rate, motion and elevation, all of which the Vi trainer can use to sense your performance, keep you motivated and make recommendations. For example, the software can help your pacing by playing a beat for you to run to -- and it knows when you're successful. Workouts can be personalized and customized, and it all meshes with whatever musing you want to play in the background. The developer, LifeBeam, worked with a voice actor to get the audio to human rather than robotic, and the AI can respond to a small set of voice commands about your performance and progress. 

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Even though you're getting the headphones and a year of service for $45, this package is new, with a 30-day warranty, and LifeBeam is still actively supporting the service. It's still early in the year, so you can use Vi headphones to follow through on your resolution to get in shape

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