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Puma phone coming to the UK: This is cat country

Sagem has teamed up with Elite Mobile to bring the solar-powered Puma phone to the UK. The Puma sports a capacitive touchscreen and a rather natty user interface...

It's been a good half-year since we went hands-on with the Sagem Puma, a sportscat-branded smart phone with a quirky menu interface and a solar charger slapped on its behind. This purr-fect (we're not apologising) mobile is finally headed to our fair shores, now that Sagem has signed a deal with Elite Mobile to distribute the Puma in Blighty.

The Puma will be available to buy in the next five days or so, according to Elite, with a recommended retail price of around £300.

The Puma had previously been reserved for our European friends. When we got our paws on the Puma back in February, we were impressed with its capacitive touchscreen and bold interface, which features massive icons and a blinding red colour-scheme.

On the back of the handset there's a whopping great solar panel, which harnesses the power of the Sun to keep your phone chugging along when the batteries get a little flat. Apparently one hour of sunshine provides an hour and a half of music playback, or enough juice for 30 text messages. We'll see.

Being a sport-branded phone, you'll also get a tonne of sport news and features sent direct to your handset, and a few other neat features include a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash, and support for a huge heap of music file formats. Okay, so only we think that's cool, but still...

There's no word yet on where you'll be able to buy the Puma phone or how much it'll cost, but we'll let you know as soon we do. We're working on our full review of the Puma right this very moment, so stay tuned to CNET UK for all the latest in sun-powered feline phonery. In the meantime, why not take another look at our hands-on story, or fill the comments section with cat-based puns?