Problems with Yahoo Mail on the Nexus One?

We've been unable to sync Yahoo Mail with our Nexus One. What about you?

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Kent German
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We've spent more than a week with our Nexus One, but still we've been unable to sync a Yahoo Mail account with the phone. Each time that we tried (we've used two accounts), we received an alert that the phone does not support all Yahoo Mail. That's the first time we've seen such an alert on a Google Android handset, or any smartphone for that matter, so it was a little troubling. We pressed ahead anyway, but were told that our user name and password were incorrect (they were not).

Unfortunately, neither Google nor Yahoo have been particularly helpful. A Google spokeswoman said that the company is "not aware of specific problems," and that I should contact Yahoo for more information. A Yahoo spokesman promised to look into the problem and offered this response. "It's unfortunate that Google launched a mobile device without properly integrating e-mail from Yahoo!--the number one mobile mail service in the United States. We're working with Google to correct this in order to provide the best possible mobile mail experience for consumers."

So I ask you, Nexus One owners, have you been unable to sync your Yahoo accounts with your phone? If so, I've love to hear about it, and I promise to pass on any feedback to Yahoo and Google. And yes, I know that you can access your mail through the browser, but that's really not the same.

To be honest, this isn't the first time I've had trouble with Yahoo e-mail on an Android device. During separate periods when I used the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and the Motorola Cliq as my primary phone, I had occasional syncing errors with my Yahoo Mail. To correct the problem, I had to delete my account and add it back. Not fun.

Have you been able to sync your Yahoo Mail with your Nexus One? Or have you been foiled? Let me know below.