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Pro Tip: You can use Siri to check business hours

Forget pulling up Facebook Page or website to see when a business closes -- just ask Siri.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Here's a neat trick I didn't realize Siri was capable of until recently: providing business hours for both big-box retailers and smaller, local businesses on demand.

The feature was recently covered on OS X Daily.

Asking Siri for business hours, or more simply, when business opens or closes saves you from having to search for a website, or -- even worse, call a business -- for routine information.

Various examples of responses you can expect from Siri when asking for business hours.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Some examples of voice requests you can use are:

  • "What time does ___ open/close?"
  • "What are ____ hours?"
  • "Is ___ open/closed right now?"

I've had mixed results when requesting hours for local businesses, but from what I can tell if the business has its hours listed on Yelp, Siri will find it. Otherwise Siri will let you know she couldn't find an answer, instead providing a Yelp card complete with a phone number and address.