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Want 22GB of mobile broadband data? Optus has you covered

New prepaid mobile broadband plans from Optus let you get more data and keep it for longer.

More data with a long expiry time: That's the latest on offer from Optus when it comes to prepaid mobile data plans.

The top tier from the Aussie telco is 22GB of data, with a 730-day (2-year) expiry period, for AU$130. For AU$50 you can get 7GB with a 1-year expiry, while the more regular month-to-month plan offers 4GB for AU$30.

The lowest-level option allows for 1GB of data for one week for AU$10. The plans work across the range of Optus mobile broadband 'dongle' and hotspot products, as well as on SIM-enabled tablets.

These are broadly similar to Telstra's mobile broadband plans, but with more data. Telstra, for example, has a two-year expiry on a 16GB package for AU$140.

The new plans announced today also include data rollover of up to 50GB if you recharge before the expiry period. This comes on the back of Optus' recent changes to its pre-paid mobile service, which now allows for data rollover up to a maximum of 10GB.

In Australia, data rollover offers from telecommunication providers have been gaining momentum, with Virgin Mobile the first to bring it in back in March of this year. Telstra followed in May with rollover on its mobile broadband packages.